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Zen Master Mind Machine

Zen Master Mind Machine and Personal CD Player:
Zen Master Mind Machine
The Zen Master incorporates Advanced Mind Machine Features Tucked Neatly Inside a Personal CD Player

Mind Machines are powerful tools for Activating the Mind, Sparking Creativity, Achieving Deep Levels of Concentration and Relaxation.

Zen Master Mind Machine uses Precisely Tuned Patterns of Gently Flickering Light, and Soft Pulsing Sound to Assist You in Reaching an Optimal State of Relaxation.

  The Zen Master is a Normal CD Player complete with Track Programming Capabilities, and 15 Second Anti-Skip, plus all of the following Features:
  • A Full Featured Mind Machine with 50 Professionally Designed Light and Sound Sessions Built-In.
  • Additionally, it contains the Exclusive 5 “Autopilot” programs – for generating an unlimited number of Unique Light and Sound Sessions each Targeting a Different Brain Wave State (Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Super-Beta AKA Gamma).
  • The ability to Store Up to 25 Additional “Autopilot” Generated Programs for a total of 75 programs.
  • Time Adjustment... allowing you to Scale and Control the time of any program from 5 minutes to 2 hours.
  • Complete Manual Control including the “Pulse Width or Duty Cycle” from 10%-90%.
  • Exclusive “Sparkle” feature – another innovation providing stunning visuals (and better entrainment) by controlling and changing the duty cycle in three distinctive patterns.
  • A FULL Frequency Range of .5Hz – 40Hz.
  • Personal Preference Program (PPP) allowing you to store your favorite settings.  No need to reprogram each time because the Zen Master learns what you like!
  • 6 Unique Stimulation Modes.
  • Outstanding Binaural Sound Synchronized with the lights.
  • Convenient Thumb-wheel Control of brightness for instant adjustment of Light Intensity.
  • Soft On and Off for Gentle Starts and Finishes.
  • User-Programmable (create and store 10 Custom Sessions).
  • Displays the time remaining in a session.

 The Zen Master Mind Machine ships with the following items:

1. Zen Master Mind Machine - Compact and Portable Control Console.
2. Premium Pure White LED Lightframes.
3. Deluxe Stereo Headphones
User Manual.
5. Free Bonus 1: 1 Zen Master Audio CD.
6. Free Bonus 2:
US Power Adapter.
1 Year Manufacturer's 'Parts and Labor' warranty. 

Great Choice Great used in conjunction with Music, Meditation and Self-Help CDs.
Zen Master Mind Machine with Premium Pure White Glasses:
Note: Unfortunately the Manufacturer has discontinue this product.  Please consider our other Light and Sound Mind Machines below.  
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  Zen Master Mind Machine Sessions
Try the Zen Master Mind Machine for 30 days.  
If you are not truly satisfied then return it for a refund.


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