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Procyon AVS Mind Machine

Procyon AVS ( Audio-Visual Synthesizer )
Procyon Mind Machine AVS Retail Price: $269.00
Our Price: $249.00
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Great Choice Developed with the Beginner and the Serious Experimenter in Mind.

Procyon is Top of Line and melds a full spectrum of color choices with Clean, Pure Digital Sound. The resulting new media can be used to modulate states of consciousness in rich new ways.

A Palette of Millions of Colors--Modulated by a Variety of Innovative Visual Effects--enables a new kind of Audio-Visual Experience and can closely Match Color to the Desired Mental State.

Imagine a world of pure, jewel-like color illuminating both visual and mental fields.  From a single hue indefinitely sustained to a slow morph, brighter then dimmer, fading from deep Blue to Aqua, then transitioning through a Rainbow of precisely sequenced hues and shades.

Such colors can profoundly affect Consciousness and Mood. Blues and Greens instill a Meditative Spirit of Tranquility, Golden Light elicits Focused Awareness, and Crimson, Total Alertness.

Flickering light can also affect and alter mental state in often dramatic ways, eliciting the “Relaxation Response”, dwelling at the threshold of Sleep, or Activating Visual Creativity.

 The Procyon can Precisely Synchronize to any Audio Material:
This feature, called SynchroMuse™ is ideal for use with Color-Work, Language Learning, Hypnotherapy, Personal Growth, Self Help, Music and etc.

 The Procyon AVS System includes the following features:
  • Is a complete Standalone Unit and does not require a computer to operate.
  • Can be controlled by a PC in real-time via USB.
  • 255 shades of each color (Red, Green, Blue).
  • Multiple visual effects enable complex light-show-like sessions.
  • True Binaural Beats: Yes
  • Frequency range from 0.1 to 75.0 Hz - widest range available on the market.
  • Each color channel is independently programmable.
  • USB interface to connect to a PC.
  • Can be powered by a PC or Batteries. Uses 3xAA Alkaline Cells.
  • Large Flash Memory Store (32 kbytes+) - over 1,600 program segments can be stored.
  • SynchroMuse™ - Precise Audio Synchronization.
  • Includes an enhanced AudioStrobe decoder.

 Totally Programmable & Upgradeable:

You can us the Procyon as a Full Featured Stand Alone Unit or you can control the entire experience with the included Session Editing Software. If available; you can even upgrade the entire operating system.

"Can shift smoothly between 1,000's of colors in real time!"

Take a look at the included Procyon Sessions.

 The Procyon Mind Machine Package includes:

1.  Procyon Console - Revision 3 - advanced light and sound stimulation system.
RGB (Red/Green/Blue) GanzFrames™ with Micro Miniature LEDs.
3.  Stereo Headphones:  headphones enhance your experience.
4.  Procyon User Manual.
5.  Stereo (3.5mm) Audio Patch Cable:  Connect to any audio source.
6.  USB Cable (Mini to Standard):  Connect to any computer.
7.  Bonus 1:  Exclusively Here - Procyon Resource CD - Windows Software Suite and AVS Resources.
8.  Bonus 2:  Convenient Soft Carrying Case. 
1 Year 'Parts and Labor' Warranty.
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Try the Procyon Mind Machine for 30 days.  
If you are not truly satisfied then return it for a refund.


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