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Light and Sound Mind Machines

Meditation Mind Machines

Relieve Stress & Entrain Your Brain. Meditation Mind Machines are powerful tools for achieving deep levels of Relaxation & Concentration at the touch of a Button.

Have you ever been lulled into Relaxation by the
Flickering Firelight of a Fireplace?

Studies have shown that rhythmic light and sound stimulation has a powerful effect on mood and emotions. Our customers use this stimulation to reduce stress, to energize their minds, to enhance their creativity, to help promote deep sleep and to also assist in achieving calm and meditative states.

"Meditation for the Rest of Us."

Experience in minutes what used to take years of practice. Light and Sound Mind Machines generate gentle flickering lights and sounds that are specially tuned to calm and entrain your mind. Just choose from the pre-programmed sessions ranging in length from 10 to 60 minutes. You will remain Alert, Calm and in Full Control.

"Deep Relaxation and Concentration at the Touch of a Button."

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Proteus Mind Machine
Proteus Mind Machine
A Powerful System developed for the beginner and serious experimenter...  read more

Premium RG GanzFrames:
$189.00  Sale Price: $159.00
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Procyon AVS Mind Machine
Procyon Mind Machine - Revision 3 Trending
The Procyon has a feature called SynchroMus; this allows it to synchronize any audio material with its Sessions. read more

Premium RGB GanzFrames
MSRP: $269.00  Sale Price: $249.00
+ Free Shipping in the USA.

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Kasina Audio Visual Synthesizer
Kasina Audio Visual Synthesizer - Trending
The Kasina is the latest light sound entrainment system. What makes it unique is that it has a built in MP3 player
. read more

Premium RGB GanzFrames
Sale Price: $349.00
+ Free 
Shipping in the USA.

Enjoy 10% off using Voucher: PMM10P

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iLightz II AVS Mind Machine for Apple Devices.
iLightz II Mind Machine-
The iLightz II is designed especially for Apple devices. Users have access to premium features in a convenient compact and mobile format...
read more

Premium RGB Glasses & Sleep Mask
MSRP: $249.00 Sale Price: $149.00
+ Free Shipping in the USA.

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Great Choice All Units Can Shift Smoothly Between 100s of Color in Real Time!

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