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PR-2X Light and Sound Mind Machine

PR2X Light and Sound Mind Machine: 

PR-2X Light and Sound Machine (Mind Machine)The PR2X is a Light and Sound Machine that had a built-in rechargeable battery and was two user capable

  The PR-2X Mind Machine includes the following features:

  • 50 Preset Sessions with adjustable run-times from 10 to 120 minutes.
  • "AutoPilot" generates new programs each time. Select from Super Beta, Beta, Alpha, Theta, or Delta ranges and experience a new program. If you wish, save it and replay it again later.
  • 4 different sound possibilities including Binaural Beats (Hemi-sound). You can use them to create a relaxing background while working or studying by connecting to your stereo system.
  • Pitch control by musical notes to harmonize with music.
  • 3 digit display of program data and frequency.
  • A FULL frequency range of .5Hz 40Hz.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery (charger included).
  • Manual control (to experiment with frequencies and modes).
  • Pause control (keep a program running at a desired point).
  • Pulse width control (sharpness of light pulses from 10 to 90%).
  • Auto shut-off (unit powers down 15 minutes after program ends).
  • External stereo input for Tape, MP3 or CD player.
  • Output jacks for 2 users.
  • User-programmable (create and store 10 custom sessions).

Desktop System with Metal Outer Casing.

PR-2X Mind Machine with Premium Glasses:

Note: Unfortunately this item is discontinued.  Please consider our other Advanced Light and Sound Mind Machines below.
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Quickly achieve states of deep relaxation and meditation with the PR2X Light and Sound Mind Machine.

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